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Retirement Living Developers - Continued...

Most retirement living facility developers focus on the sizzle associated with the transaction and take little (if any) heed of the structured finance issues and capital funding tools that are now appearing to fill the equity gap for a senior housing development program (rental or entry-fee).  A void that has yawed open as a result of the sub-prime loan "over-spray".  The sub-prime lending market losses have significantly reduced the investment interest of Qualified Institutional Buyers.  As is always the case when the great ones are otherwise occupied with their own devices, the little guy in the market can now catch a break and move into the market.  The new approach is to provide the same access to individual investors on higher-yielding commercial real estate development project financing opportunities, leaving the Qualified Institutional Buyer market in the dust.

It all starts with how you go about the capital funding of senior housing projects.  At Rainmaker Underwriting, the consultants focus on increasing financial investment leverage and providing risk management programs and enhancements to make good investments enjoy outstanding benefits.  Naturally, this leads you to consider the potential impact of the direct public offering approach as this can be used to leverage up to $100 million in project construction and development financing.

Commercial real estate syndications provide senior housing developers (and other project type developers and owner/operators) with a whole new level of opportunity and Rainmaker Underwriting wants to be your syndication services consulting solutions provider.  To find out more, contact Rainmaker Underwriting today and see how syndications can be part of your brilliant future.  We have the tools and the expertise to help you succeed.

Why do projects fail to get funding approved?

Rainmaker has had extensive discussions through the years with clients who are seeking funding for their commercial income-producing property development and construction program, but have, so far failed to do so.  Rainmaker has also had extensive discussions with intermediaries, investment bankers, lenders, investors and underwriters to get their side of the story.  The interesting thing is that the same five (5) things seem to come up again and again that end up leading to a total failure.  Are you destined to fail?  Can you afford to take the risk of blowing out even a single funding source, knowing that source could be the one source you needed to succeed?  What can you do to avoid these terrible mistakes that always lead to a rejection?  Click here and learn more.

Rainmaker Underwriting, LLC can trace its history back all the way to 1989.  Incorporated in 1993, Rainmaker Marketing Corporation evolved over time into a full-service business to business consulting firm.  Rainmaker Marketing Corporation’s initial specialization was in issues and documentation needs corresponding to the capital funding cycle for commercial real estate development projects.  Our primary focus has always been senior housing and health care related properties with over 400 assignments completed in some 45 states.  Today, Rainmaker Underwriting, LLC serves all types of commercial income-producing property development program financing requests with a combination of feasibility studies, due diligence services, structured finance consulting and a focus on outsourced commercial underwriting review services.  Rainmaker Underwriting, LLC’s service area includes all of the continental United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean Basin.


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