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Mortgage Brokers - Continued...

Welcome to the commercial mortgage brokers information page on the Rainmaker Underwriting web server.  Here you will find information pertaining to the qualification and selection process for commercial mortgage brokers.  Rainmaker Underwriting has received a lot of complaints regarding commercial mortgage brokerage firms that routinely fail to make a placement for a client.

Accordingly, here are some quick "do's & don'ts" regarding mortgage brokers:

Only deal with brokers that have a loan correspondent relationship.

Only deal with brokers that have direct and substantial experience in your loan type - jack-of-all-trades aren't typically good enough.  You need specialists.

Compensation is typically less than one percent (1.00%) for a broker.  If they are telling you it's a multi-point deal for them, you have the wrong broker.

Get a list of the transactions they have funded and independently vet these disclosures.

If you aren't sure about how to proceed, contact Rainmaker and get the help you need.  We are only a phone call away and will answer all of your questions.

What Goes Into An Underwriting?

The Rainmaker approach is truly a comprehensive assessment with 66 exhibits collected on every project that cover every aspect of the development, construction, operations and regulatory matters.  Collateral, credit and capacity underwriting reviews are conducted using CREFC underwriting standards in addition to a complete default risk analysis on term, maturity and technical default risk profiles. 


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Rainmaker Underwriting, LLC can trace its history back all the way to 1989.  Incorporated in 1993, Rainmaker Marketing Corporation evolved over time into a full-service business to business consulting firm.  Rainmaker Marketing Corporation’s initial specialization was in issues and documentation needs corresponding to the capital funding cycle for commercial real estate development projects with a primary focus on senior housing and health care related properties with over 400 assignments completed in some 45 states.  Today, Rainmaker Underwriting, LLC serves all types of commercial income-producing property development program financing requests with a combination of feasibility studies, due diligence services, structured finance consulting and a focus on outsourced commercial underwriting review services.  Rainmaker Underwriting, LLC’s service area includes all of the continental United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean Basin.


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